Dazzling seascapes, playful beach scenes and rich landscapes...make up the body of work in my portfolio.
I am eternally inspired by nature and I constantly strive to capture its fleeting forms in all of my work.
Nature can be seen as a form of poetry which contains subjective, yet universal meaning. Itís that meaning that Iím after in my work.
The paintings included on my website are the fruits of a career that started in early years. If I have captured the ďspiritĒ of a scene and conveyed it to you, then I have succeeded in my task as an Artist.


Born in 1952, Richard began what was to be a   flourishing career in Art, drawing and sketching. After leaving Art College, he set upon a career in music but returned to painting professionally
in his 20ís. Watercolour was his chosen medium as this was Ďa natural extension to drawing. Early influences were Turner and later, American exponents: Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth and
Philip Jameson.
Richard was born near the sea with surrounding rural landscape. As a boy he sketched the fields and woodlands near to his home. But his love of the sea would dominate his subject matter.
ĎI feel a kinship with the sea.  For me, it has a mythical, poetic quality and an Ďeternalí distance that excites my imaginationí. Distance, mood and light are the qualities I wish to portray in
most of my work.
After working for many years exclusively in watercolour, the artist began to incorporate other mediums such as Acrylic and inks to his work. This allowed him to create yet stronger colours
and textures to his work.
Richard has shown and exhibited his work in many galleries in London, the Home Counties and the West Country.
His professional career was given a boost when one of his paintings was presented to the Princess Michael of Kent after she selected it from a display at a West Country agricultural show.
After visiting and painting in Portugal Richard was invited to stage an exhibition by the Portuguese embassy in London, whereupon, one of his works was purchased by the Ambassador
Since those early years, the artistís work has been exhibited in some of Englandís most prestigious galleries and has many private collectors both in the UK and abroad.

DSCF1008.JPG picassa
R I C H A R D  T H O R N  SWAc

Since moving to live in the Teign Valley, I have begun a series of paintings on the Teign river.
January and February have been (as we all know) very wet. The Teign has been swolen and in parts, almost overflowing, especially in the lower reaches nr Trusham and Hennock.
During the course of the year I'll be painting the changing moods of the valley and it's environs with a view to staging an exhibition. The venue for that has yet to be decided.

The Teign Valley
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Along the River meadow
(watercolour & Inks)